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Depa-Fruit is the right place to buy your tasteful cherries. Both private persons as trading and export companies can buy cherries from DEPA-Fruit. Most of the cherries we sell come from our own production orchards. But we also trade some cherries from colleague cherry growers in our region.


As a trader you may want to buy more than a tray or a box.
Contact us for the daily stock.


As a private person you can come during the day, collect by tray or box.

Vending machine

In the cherry season, cherries are available 24 / 7 in our vending machine

Picking up a larger amount?

Call us in advance to ensure we have plenty daily stock left.
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Buying cherries

Cherries are available starting June until mid augustus.
Private persons can find our vending machine, cherries are always available there (24/24 and 7/7). And this in period from End June till Beginning of August.

Also, retailers and exporters can contact us to buy our cherries. We can offer both small volumes as bigger volume. Thanks to our investment in optical grading and sorting line we can guarantee a nice uniform product.

Growing cherries

Growing nice and tasteful cherries asks for technical knowledge. The main varieties we grow are Kordia and Regina. In normal seasons we harvest them from the beginning of July until beginning of August. With some early ripening varieties as Bellise, Samba, Folfer and Vanda we can start the season from mid- June.
In our orchards we use all modern growing technologies. Trees are planted very intensively (> 1000 trees per ha).
In flowering time (April-May) we use paraffin candles or hot air machines to protect the flowers against late spring frost. 

A lot of our orchards are protected with plastic rain cover, against rain and hail damage. This way we can wait to pick the cherries at the optimal ripening moment. And this makes the cherries always have a nice dark color, good fruit size, high sugar content and a good taste.

DEPA-Fruit: Your partner

Optical sorting

To guarantee top quality cherries

Flexible Offer

Both for private individuals and traders

24 / 7

In the cherry season, cherries are available 24 / 7 in our vending machine

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