Tree nursery

With a strong focus on cherry trees

As a tree nursery, DEPA-Fruit is exclusively involved in stone fruits, and especially cherry trees. With this specialization we can maintain a very high-quality level and also guarantee this quality to all our customers. Every single step in the production process of the trees is important.

Tree nursery

First of all, we start with virus free certified budwood and rootstocks. The grafting of the trees happens in winter time. In spring we plant the young small trees in one of our rich loamy soils. All further steps and handlings in making our high-quality trees is based on a long technical experience. Peter Durlet, owner and manager of the company has over 20 years of experience in the cherry business, and he spends a lot of time in the field between the trees and the people working in the field.

From the end of November till beginning of May the trees are available for the fruit growers to plant in their new orchards.

Besides cherry trees we also produce some other stone fruits, like sour cherry and plum trees. Sour cherry trees we mainly produce on demand, but we always have some available stock. Thanks to our network and good contacts all over Europe, we can offer an answer to all demands (e.g. Apricots).
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Types of trees

The main tree type we produce are kniptrees. These trees have a 2-year production cycle. The advantage of these trees is that they have a nice volume (> min 6 branches) at planting. And the production starts in the 2nd leaf. In the 4th leaf we already reach a production capacity over 10 kg per tree (= 12 to 15 tons per ha).

We can also offer 1-year-old trees. This tree type is smaller, and easier to transport. They are also a little cheaper than our 2-year-old kniptrees. But we have delivered different projects with 1-year-old trees, with a very nice result after 3-4 years.
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DEPA-Fruit: Your partner

Family business

With good people management in the field to maintain the high quality level

Strong focus on cherry trees

Guaranteeing high and uniform quality level of our trees.

Technical support

We help growers in starting up new project. And after planting we can also deliver a consultancy service.

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