Plum trees

Aim for quality and uniformity

We have also been producing plum trees for several years. In terms of rootstocks we use St-Julien A, Wavit and WeiWa today.
Depending on the varieties, we can also make different tree types here. From beautiful branched trees to lighter 1-year material. After you as a grower have chosen the planting system, we can offer the tree to size.
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  • Jubileum
  • Opal
  • Reine Victoria
  • Topfive
  • Tophit
  • TopTaste

DEPA-Fruit: Your partner

Family business

With good people management in the field to maintain the high quality level

Strong focus on cherry trees

Guaranteeing high and uniform quality level of our trees.

Technical support

We help growers in starting up new project. And after planting we can also deliver a consultancy service.

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